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15 March, 2024

Sowing seeds of cancer awareness

RCHRC tackles limited rural healthcare access by offering cancer screenings and education to farmers at Kisan Melas

Jharkhand's vast farmlands and dedicated farming communities are the backbone of the state's agriculture. However, access to essential healthcare, particularly cancer prevention and early detection, often remains a challenge for these communities. The Ranchi Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (RCHRC) took a commendable step to bridge this gap by actively participating in Kisan Melas (farmers' fairs) across Jharkhand throughout the first quarter of 2024.

RCHRC's presence at these agricultural events, ranging from major exhibitions to local gatherings, brought cancer awareness and prevention to the forefront. A notable example was the Agrotech Kisan Mela 2024 organised by Birsa Agricultural University (BAU). While the event focused on advancements in agriculture, RCHRC not only provided screenings for nearly 320 attendees but also educated over 500 on various cancers. Dr Madan Mohan Pandey, Medical Director of RCHRC, addressed the rising cancer rates and highlighted the hospital's advanced facilities and treatment programs.

RCHRC's outreach extended beyond major events. They participated in the Regional Agriculture Fair (Eastern Region), organised by the ICAR-National Institute of Secondary Agriculture (NISA), where they organised a cancer screening camp for the visitors, examining 132 individuals. The team also emphasised the importance of early detection and introduced the Tata Cancer Care Foundation's mission.

Similarly, RCHRC actively participated in the Shri Ramkrishna Kisan Melas, a series of agricultural fairs in various villages like Beyang, Burmu, Baridih, and Getelsud. During these melas, they organised screenings and educated attendees on cancer prevention. Esteemed guests and officials attending these events provided an opportunity for RCHRC to showcase their advanced medical facilities and the crucial role of early detection.

Looking beyond screenings, RCHRC understood the importance of comprehensive awareness. They used these platforms to educate attendees about the hospital's advanced facilities, including treatment under Ayushman Bharat scheme. Additionally, they introduced the Tata Cancer Care Foundation's programs and emphasised the significance of early detection in improving survival rates.

In line with the agricultural theme of the melas, the agriculture scientists echoed the efforts of RCHRC by educating the farmers about reducing chemical fertiliser and pesticide use to prevent cancer-causing agents from entering the food chain through agricultural produce. This initiative not only addressed the farmers' health but also aimed to safeguard consumer well-being.

RCHRC's dedication to reaching farming communities through Kisan Melas serves as a model for rural healthcare outreach. By combining screenings with comprehensive awareness campaigns, they empower these communities to take charge of their health. This impactful initiative goes beyond addressing immediate needs and paves the way for a future where preventive measures and early detection become a way of life for Jharkhand's farmers and their families.

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