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An interactive session at Agdu village
15 March, 2024

Making Agdu cancer-aware

Agdu village received a vital boost in healthcare knowledge as RCHRC, Lions Club Life, and Vishwas ki Kiran Trust united for a cancer awareness session and screening camp.

Agdu village in Bijilia panchayat recently received a healthy dose of knowledge and hope, as Ranchi Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (RCHRC), Lions Club Life, and Vishwas ki Kiran Trust collaborated to host a cancer awareness session and screening camp.

Dr Rajanigandha Tudu from RCHRC led the interactive session, educating 36 attendees from the old age home and neighbouring village.  The session focused on arming the community with knowledge about different cancers, their warning signs, and how to prevent them.  The session delved into the risk factors associated with these cancers, emphasising the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and preventive measures. Dr Tudu specifically highlighted the dangers of tobacco and alcohol use in causing head and neck cancers and other forms of the disease.

Participants also learned about RCHRC's advanced facilities and treatment options, supported by Tata Trusts and Tata Cancer Care Foundation, along with the benefits of the Ayushman Bharat yojna for accessible cancer care in Jharkhand.

Action followed awareness. Following the session, 53 individuals underwent screenings for blood pressure, blood sugar, and common cancers like oral, breast, and cervical.

The event concluded with Mrs. Kiran Pandey, founder of Ramavati Ashram and Vishwas ki Kiran Trust, expressing gratitude for the informative session and praising RCHRC's dedication.

Participants expressed gratitude for the valuable information and screenings, empowering the community to prioritise early detection for better health outcomes. The collaboration between RCHRC, Lions Club Life, and Vishwas ki Kiran Trust sets a powerful model for promoting cancer awareness and healthcare access in rural communities.

While reaching wider audiences remains a challenge, future initiatives can leverage local communication channels and community leaders' collaboration. RCHRC's commitment to spreading awareness and early detection efforts is a beacon of hope, paving the way for a healthier future in rural communities.

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